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Welcome to Milton Keynes Sailing Club

Welcome to Milton Keynes Sailing Club, formed in 1978 with the primary objective of promoting the sport of sailing in Milton Keynes. The club has a friendly and informal atmosphere, and visitors are always welcome to call into the club if they want see the facilities or need information regarding sailing membership. The club is affiliated to the RYA, and is an accredited training centre. RYA Level 1 and 2 courses in are run in both the spring and summer. You can sail throughout the year, however the canoe club and rowing clubs have a couple of exclusive evening sessions during the week and early sessions at the weekend. Racing takes place all day on Sundays throughout the year and on Wednesday evenings, light permitting. The club has its own Safety and Committee boats that are manned by RYA qualified Coxswains during all formal club water based activities. The club also has a number of single-handed and two-man dinghies available for use by club members, providing they can sail to the required RYA Level 2 standard.

News :

Congratulations to all those who took part in the 2014 Adrian Carter Event at MKSC - Saturday 14th Sept
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Barts Bash - Sunday 21st September


Remember this....

Its only just over four weeks to go. MKSC is going to be taking part in the largest sailing event in the world and it needs you! To help successfully enter the Guinness book of records we need at least 25 boats in the race. Don't worry its not a competitive race, its about taking part. On your 30 anniversary we had over 30 boats, so WE WANT MORE please!

So whats the deal? Well, we have to have more than 25 boats, we have to sail over one kilometre, the race has to happen between 00.00 and 23.50 on the 21st September. The start and finish needs to be video’d for accreditation.

What then? We’’l hopefully be part of a Guinness World record.

What will our day be like? There will be a special race 13.00 - 14.00 (approx) which means you have plenty of time to rig your boat. The race will be set, and ‘we off!’

Post Race there will be a BBQ and Beers at the clubhouse, so please come and take part. This is a great opportunity to get your boat out if you haven’t sailed much this year. There will be people on hand to help.

Put the date in your diary and come on down. This year we have over 120 memberships, and nearly as many boats - what say we aim to get 50 on the water? See you there!

Blue Green Algae alert

The Parks Trust advise us we have indeed got Blue Green Algae blooms in both the north and south lakes. Here is the information about the risks to water users from the RYA.
Human health risk from exposure to blue-green algae toxins can arise through direct contact with exposed parts of the body (especially sensitive areas such as ears, eyes, mouth and throat), swallowing or inhaling water containing the algae. Different groups of water users are at different levels of risk, depending on the amount of time they are likely to spend in/ close to the affected water.

Essentially the more likely you are to come into direct contact with the bloom, the greater the risk of effects of exposure. Symptoms of those affected could be easily confused with a range of other illnesses so it is important to be aware of the risk of blue-green algae as a contributory factor. Swallowing/inhalation can result in abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, sore throat, dry cough and headaches as well as hay fever symptoms, dizziness, fatigue and skin and eye irritations. Exposure of the skin can result in allergic or irritated reactions in the form of a rash which can be itchy and uncomfortable. Bathing suits and wetsuits tend to aggravate these effects as the cells can accumulate next to the skin and be broken down through agitation releasing toxins.

In summary...

1. Sailors should wear clothing which is close fitting at the wrists and neck, also boots and sailing suits which fit into the tops of their boots to minimise contact with algae or algal scum.

2. Minimal time should be spent in shallow water launching and recovering boats and boards, and launching/recovery should be in areas away from thick aggregations of algae or scum.

3. Sailors should hose themselves down to avoid bringing scum and algae into the changing rooms. All clothing should be washed and thoroughly dried on returning home. Do not store wet clothes.

Sailing Times

Please note we have changed our sailing slots this year. There is more shared time now.


Non free sessions are for the exclusive use of that club - so please do not take other club’s times Sailing craft to use leeward sides of pontoons - Oared craft to use windward sides during shared sessions






Club Information

Sailing is available every day, however the other clubs have a couple of exclusive sessions each week. Please check our sailing times if you are not sure.

All Club members are expected to do rostered duties a few times a years. For Race officers here are the race times.

If you are rostered on as Race officer here are the race officer notes to help run successful races.

Finally, if you want to use club boats here are the notes on what, when, where and how!

Live Weather

We now have a live wind feed direct from the clubhouse roof. It shows both live and aggregated wind data at the lake


For a more general forcast in the area we use special wind and weather forecast service windguru.

Contact Us

Milton Keynes Sailing Club Monellan Grove, Caldecotte Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK7 8NE. Here is our link to google maps, as the club is just off Monellan Grove.

Mark Tuffnell - Commodore
07803 623266

please email at: